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Cocoa seeds, better known as coffee beans are the source of commercial cocoa. Fermented seeds are roasted, cracked and ground to give a powdery mass from which fat is expressed. The three intermediate cocoa products are cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder.
Cocoa powder can be used as an ingredient in almost any foodstuff. For example, it is used in chocolate flavored drinks, chocolate flavored desserts such as ice cream and mousse, chocolate spreads and sauces, and cakes and biscuits. It is also used in industrial applications like confectionaries , protein powder, etc. Cocoa liquor is used, with other ingredients, to produce chocolate. Chocolate is used as a product on its own or combined with other ingredients to form confectionery products.


Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder comes from cocoa beans that grow in pods on the cacao tree. The beans are fermented, dried, roasted and cracked; the nibs are ground to extract about 75% of the cocoa butter, leaving a dark brown paste called chocolate liquor.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is obtained from whole coffee beans, which are fermented, roasted, and then separated from their hulls. About 54–58% of the residue is cocoa butter. Chocolate liquor is pressed to separate the cocoa butter from the cocoa solids.